We Empower Entrepreneurs with the Community, Resources, Connections and Knowledge to allow you to Skip the Struggle and Build the Business and Life You Deserve.

VEA was founded on the principle that no entrepreneur should ever have to feel alone, lost, or out of touch.

By leveraging the collective intelligence of the community we help solve each other’s problems and provide much needed daily support.

By providing exclusive access to business resources, coaching and accountability we are able to flatten the learning curve, ease the friction of growth, and fast-track our members’ paths to success.


No Virtual Entrepreneur is an Island

With VEA’s unique network of home-based businesses, no matter what you’re facing, someone has been there before. You’ll find support in times of trouble, and you’ll find opportunities to pay it forward with your own experience. Together, we can each gain the edge in our respective industries, markets, and niches.


Become the Ultimate CEO

Continued education is imperative for every business owner. So we take pride in our fully stocked learning center. VEA members have exclusive access to a wide range of curriculum and courses, each presented by a carefully selected industry expert.

Access to Everything You Need to Succeed

Building a successful business requires bringing together a lot of moving parts. And as a business owner, you can’t do it all yourself. VEA members have special access to resources from software development, to PR, to graphic design, to legal, to group coaching, to accountability and so much more.

Take a Chunk Out of Your Expenses

As a home-based business owner, you’re faced with a lot of extra expenses that most 9-to-5ers don’t even think about. Insurance, software, office supplies, phone service, travel, education, software, marketing etc.. That’s why we partner with a wide range of providers to bring our members exclusive offers and discounts. The average VEA Member saves nearly $800 per year, for only $19.95 per month!